EcoFurn Custom Pallet - Create your own Pallet

EcoFurn Custom Pallet - Create your own Pallet

EcoFurn Custom Pallets can include up to 65 items in total, depending on the size of the selected products.

Create a custom pallet with your own selections of materials and finishes. Please review the Ecofurn Catalog to see the available products.

For assistance creating a custom pallet, please contact us via email at or by phone at 438-300-8808. We will be happy to assist you.

This product is available in:
Price/information upon request

Minimum Order = 1
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EcoChair gives you an unforgettable seating experience in two different positions – straighter up for reading and leaning back for more relaxing.

Assembly with just a flexible hemp rope gives the product flexibility towards both the users back and also the ground even if it's not fully straight. Linen pillow is available for additional comfort. The chair also folds for storage. With the chair, you can use EcoFurn Lilli as a side table or as a footrest for maximum relaxation.

Wood types available are:

  • ALDER, slightly reddish by color, soft and moisture tolerant for spas, saunas etc. (oiled). Now also available in oiled black
  • ASH, hard and appealing structure (oiled brown/grey)
  • BIRCH, lighter visible pattern (oiled brown) Also available as oil painted white
  • LARCH, by nature protecting itself in outdoor use (natural)
  • OAK, hard and elegant (oiled)
  • PINE, softer and light (oiled black/brown/grey/white)
  • Brand