About Gardenzzz

Wander with us and discover who we are

We know you put your customers first. We also know you want to help them create outdoor spaces that are special.  We want to help you to make those spaces become an Eden for them.

Gardenzzz is the dedicated online platform for sourcing hardgoods for gardening and outdoor living. Striving to overcome the barriers that prevent our smaller Canadian market from having access to the huge range of products available abroad, we have come up with a new model of distribution. Our aim:

Helping You Gain Access To Choice

Here you can find out a bit about Gardenzzz. Find out who we are and who we are trying to help; how we got here; what we do, what we stand for, and what drives us; and also why we do it and why it matters.


Who we serve: Our audience

  • Garden Centers
  • Specialty Retailers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Landscape Designers
  • Landscaping Contractors
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Horticulturalists
  • Maintenance Contractors
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Urban Planners

Who we are: Our logo

Symbolizes our aim to create a community, like a hive,
that transforms the planet, one green space at a time...


Who we are: Our team

Katherine Szabo

Co-Founder & CEO

Katherine founded Gardenzzz to fulfill several of her dreams – owning her own business while supporting the development of outdoor living and ecological awareness in Canada.  An avid gardener and traveller, Katherine has long been aware of the gap between European and Canadian approaches to the garden and outdoor living culture and industry.  Gardenzzz aims to help Canadian retailers and trade professionals close that gap and make connecting to the outdoors an integral part of every Canadian’s lifestyle.

Tanya Radhakrishna

Co-Founder & COO

Tanya joined Katherine on the journey to launching a national online b2b marketplace knowing that it would be both an exciting and bumpy road, but that it would be a lot of fun getting there. Tanya is combining her previous business experience and her thirst for challenges to contribute to bringing this dream to reality.  Her talent at re-organizing large and lofty goals into a series of smaller, reachable objectives has been key in getting Gardenzzz off the ground.

Lesmy Perez

E-commerce Marketing Manager

Lesmy came on board early on and was instrumental in helping establish the Gardenzzz framework. A graphic designer and social media aficionado who likes everything in its place, and who is a true Maker at heart, Lesmy brings creative flair, a sense of fun, and order to our operations.

Cosmin Truta

Web Developer - Grafika Designs

Our website would not exist if it were not for Cosmin, owner of Grafika Designs our web development company. A key partner, Cosmin’s keen eye for design, strong focus on UX (user experience), and unparalleled listening and problem-solving skills have steered us steadily towards our goals.  He has also saved us from ourselves a number of times! We are thrilled to have him as our guide on this journey.


How we got here: Our history

Ever a garden nut, I was always interested in growing things and in outdoor spaces, both cultivated and wild. While travelling, I observed green industries, (garden centers, outdoor living stores, lifestyle magazines) noting how they were more evolved compared to those in North America, especially Canada, where it is a much younger industry. Trying to outfit my own outdoor spaces, inspired by gardens and products I saw on my travels, I often hit stumbling blocks en-route to garden Nirvana.


What we do: Our concept

We are developing an online b2b (business-to-business) platform for the green industry in Canada (gardening, landscape and design, outdoor living, horticulture, real estate development, and urban planning).  The Gardenzzz platform is about creating access to products that make it easier and more enticing to create an outdoor haven and grow things given obstacles present in the modern North American lifestyle. Many of our products come from Europe, where the industry and garden lifestyle are more mature and entrenched in culture and everyday life.

The challenge, as we see it, is twofold. On the one hand, there is the modern North American lifestyle, in which available time, culture, and established systems do not support and encourage gardening and outdoor living as much as in Europe.  On top of that, even in the face of increased spending of both time and money, there is currently little choice available for the consumer who is interested in higher quality goods with a stronger focus on design, value, ethics, and the environment.

Our concept involves creating an alternative distribution model to the one currently used to get products here. Ours involves partnering with a LOT of suppliers (that still fit our ethos) and carrying their entire product line on our site, but not buying and holding their merchandise here in advance. And so, much more choice is available, and the decision of what to order, and how much to order, is made by those most knowledgeable and directly connected to the end customer.  Decisions are made by those on the front lines – you!


What we stand for: Our core values

Design, value, ethics and the environment

Although we are a start-up and too new at this point to apply for B-Corp status we are nonetheless creating a corporate culture that internalizes and espouses B-Corp values:

Within that framework are the core values that specifically define Gardenzzz - the four pillars that hold our company up through each challenge, obstacle and decision:

Design, value, ethics and the environment


What drives us: Our mission

Our mission is to green the planet and connect people to nature.

Our 3-Part Mission to create linked prosperity for all stakeholders both local and globally:


  • Retailers
  • Design community
  • Landscaping community
  • Residents
  • Urban planners and civil servants
  • Real estate developers
  • Employees
  • Supplier partners and business providers
  • Wildlife and ecosystems
  • Other Product and Service providers (competitors)

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What we support: Our commitment to giving back

Ours is a three-pronged approach to support causes that we care about:

We will reserve 1.5% of gross profits to donate to each, and also commit to fundraising with our stakeholders for our team member’s chosen charity. The idea for that being that we are all pulling together to support what is important to one another.

This year we will donate to the following:

  • Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Stuart McLean YMCA Camp Kanawana Fund
  • Defi Canderel – McGill & U de M Cancer Research


Why we do it: Our goals

We want to bring premium quality European and global brands to the Canadian market. We want to create access to choice. We want to let YOU, our customers, decide what to buy, and how much, so that you can help YOUR customers create their own Eden.

We want to create an ecosystem that connects buyers, communities, creators and the planet.


Why it matters: Our vision

A garden / greenspace for every residence / workplace / public space

Our vision involves creating an interconnected community (hive) in the green industry that promotes people returning to a connection with nature by creating their own green spaces, as well as being a part of improving the processes around the creation of public and commercial green spaces.

We want people to be able to make a better world for themselves in their own space and in the greater world that we are all a part of.