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Welcome to our business-to-business marketplace - Bringing a larger slice of the world to the Canadian balcony, backyard, and public space

Gardenzzz is the dedicated online platform for sourcing all hardgoods for gardening and outdoor living from around the world.

Engage, inspire and delight your customers.

Offer your customers products that fit the quality of life they seek in this technologically charged landscape.
Our products are:

Brands from around the world

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Striving to overcome barriers that prevent our smaller Canadian market from having access to the huge range of wonderful products available abroad, Gardenzzz has come up with a new model of distribution – one that puts the decision-making in YOUR hands.

Create an account, place your orders, and Gardenzzz will take care of all the logistic details, ensuring your order is delivered to you as you expect.

The Gardenzzzhive

A Green Industry Forum and Collective

Helping sow the seeds

Valuing outdoor lifestyle and stewardship of our planet

Do you want to be a part of growing the green industry and ecological values in Canada? We do! We feel that being a part of cultivating a lifestyle of connection to nature by helping people create outdoor spaces that they want to spend time in, care about and make a priority will be good for the soul and good for Mother Nature. We think that creating an infrastructure of connected stakeholders is key to this goal.

The Green Industry (here defined as garden centers, nurseries, horticulturalists, landscape and design professionals, contractors, suppliers to these trades, lawn, tree and plant maintenance professionals, real estate developers and urban planners) in Canada is made up of a lot of small groups. We think that this is a good thing.  However, infrastructure and collectivism can help share knowledge and insight. Being a part of a group also increases the likelihood of being heard and of influencing policy changes.

And so, we created GARDENZZZHIVE, a place for you to come together and form a more deeply intertwined industry with a collective spirit, sharing insights, information and inspiration. Our hope is that our platform will bring gardening and outdoor living enthusiasts, owners, garden specialists, environmentalists, educators, design professionals, contractors and government stakeholders together in a collaborative community supporting collective intelligence in the green industry. Our hope is that together, we will make the world a better place for all.

Expo-FIHOQ Recap

Expo-FIHOQ Recap

Last month I wrote about our preparations for the FIHOQ trade show which took place November 16 – 18 in Drummondville.  The event was a big success, with record attendance on both the first and second days. (An early snowstorm made Friday much quieter.)  Gardenzzz welcomed well over a hundred visitors to our booth, attended a selection of interesting conferences, talked a lot, ate too much, and happily shared our vision of a new model for the distribution of garden and outdoor living products to Canadian retailers and landscape professionals.

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Preparing for a Trade Show

Preparing for a Trade Show

The Gardenzzz team has spent many hours over the last few months preparing for two upcoming trade shows: Expo-FIHOQ, a Quebec horticulture show being held in Drummondville Nov. 14-16 and the Landscape Ontario Congress (LOC) being held in Toronto in January.  We have brainstormed about how to best present our company at these shows.  How can we explain our business model, which is something new and different, in an attractive and understandable way?  How can we generate interest in our booth while working within a budget?  And what else should we be preparing to ensure a successful show experience? 

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